Four days of finest dining

Imagine four days of Michelin-starred dinners, with days spent enjoying Jersey in a variety of ways.

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11.30am - Check in

Arriving in Jersey, you have a choice of one of three luxury hotels to stay.

The sea air lifts your spirits and sharpens your appetite as you check in to Grand Jersey


1.30pm - Enjoy tea on the terrace

Just relax with tea and the view across St Aubin's Bay. 

3:30pm - Take a walk along the promenade

The footpath stretches from St Helier to St Aubin in one easy, flat route along the side of the bay. Walk for as far as you want, enjoying the sea air. If the tide's out, you can walk along the beach.

7.30pm - Dinner at Tassili

The stunning Tassili at Grand Jersey offers a fine dining experience par excellence.

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10am - A lazy stroll into town

Explore the museums, boutiques and department stores of St Helier. There is plenty to see, and VAT-free shopping too.

1.30pm - Stop for a snack in Don Street Deli

Enjoy the feast of flavours from this wonderful little store, run by Michelin-starred chef Shaun Rankin.

7.30pm - Dinner at Bohemia Restaurant

Michelin-starred chef Steve Smith brings his renowned brand of startlingly imaginative modern British cuisine.

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8am - Up early for a trip to Les Ecrehous

Enjoy a day exploring an unspolit part of the world. Les Ecrehous is a reef between Jersey and France that uncovers at low tide to reveal a vast expanse of intertidal zone to explore on foot or by kayak. After an exhilarating RIB journey to the reef, meet the wildlife and enjoy a picnic supplied by your hotel (with a few extras from the Don Street Deli).

7.30pm - Back, dressed, and ready for a meal at Ormer

Renowned chef Shaun Rankin's flagship venture is Ormer, a bistro-style restaurant in central St Helier serving extraordinary Michelin-starred food, including some of Shaun's signature dishes. Wonderful fresh lcal produce is always on the menu. Enjoy a drink on the roof terrace followed by a meal you'll never forget.

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10am - Spa and sauna

A day of pampering and peace at the award-winning Ayush Wellness Spa.

5.30pm - Work up an appetite in St Ouen


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