What to see: Arthur Lamy's top tips


Staying in one of our Luxury Jersey Hotels? Then here's Blue Badge Guide Arthur Lamy's tips on what to spot nearby. From iconic landmarks to unique sights, they're all just a stroll away. How many can you spot?

If you're staying at The Atlantic Hotel...

Corbiere At Sunset 597

La Corbiere Lighthouse
Designed by Sir John Coode and built by Imrie Bell in 1873, this was the first concrete lighthouse built in the British Isles. The memorial beside the access road reminds us of the 1995 St.Malo Disaster, when a passenger ferry, en route for Sark struck the rocks in the foreground.

Rocco Tower 597

La Rocco Tower
La Rocco was the last of the twenty three Conway Towers built around Jersey's coastline, and one of only three with a gun battery at its base. These towers were started in the late 1770s, about fifteen years before the English adopted Martello Towers, following a naval engagement at Mortella Point off the coast of Corsica.

If you're staying at L'Horizon Hotel & Spa...

Le Point de Grouin
Legend has it that this was the original site for St.Brelade's Church. After the first day's work, the masons found the foundations destroyed and that all the materials had disappeared. Eventually they found the missing stones where the present church stands. Taking this as a sign, the masons built the church where les petits faitiaux, the little people, had decided.

Fisherman 's Chapel St Brelade 597

The Fishermen's Chapel
What is unusual about this chapel is that the wall paintings have survived the Reformation. This is because this smaller building was used to house the two cannon that every parish kept for defence. The Reformation saw the church font thrown into the undergrowth, to be discovered by picnickers three centuries later.

If you're staying at The Club Hotel & Spa...

Le Cronier Monument
This striking memorial in the Green Street graveyard recalls Centenier George Le Cronier, the only honorary policeman murdered in the line of duty. He went to Patriotic Street to arrest a man for running a brothel. When he arrived, only the brothel owner's wife was at home and she stabbed him with a carving knife. Sadly Le Cronier died the next day.

Cronier Monument 597

If you're staying at Grand Jersey...

Elizabeth Castle 597

Elizabeth Castle
Rather surprisingly this formidable castle once had a monastery at its heart. It was founded by St.Marculf in memory of his protégé, St Helier, who had been killed by marauding pirates. The early settlement that developed into St Helier was supported by the skills that the monks could provide.

If you're staying at Hotel de France...

Market 597

The Central Market
The present Central Market opened in 1882. It was twice the size of the original open market, it had thirty seven cast iron columns holding up the eighty ton roof and at its centre was a fifteen foot fountain. Even today, the market remains the centre for locally-grown fruit and vegetables.

If you're staying at The Royal Yacht Hotel...

Ariadne 597

The Steam Clock
Once hailed as the largest steam clock in the world, Ariadne was conceived by visual artist Gordon Young, and built by John Smith and Son of Derby. It acts as a focus for the nearby Maritime Museum, and reminds us of the arrival of the steam-powered ships that initiated the tourism industry.

Find out more about Jersey's unique sights with one of Arthur Lamy's walking tours or join Jersey's Spring Walking Week from 10th-17th May 2014 with a schedule of guided walks and explorations. Visit Jersey Tourism for more details.

Pictures: Arthur Lamy and Jersey Tourism



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