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How to cope with stress? It's all about getting your balance back says Dr Prasanna Kerur at Ayush Wellness Spa at The Hotel de France.

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Softly spoken and calm, it's difficult to imagine Dr Prasanna ever getting stressed. But stress is certainly something he knows a lot about, and as an Ayurveda consultant uses this ancient science every day to redress stress levels in his many clients.

Our problem? We've forgotten who we are, says Dr Prasanna. Trapped in a cycle of stress and anxiety, we need to take a step back from our lives and rediscover who we really are.

'The key is not to be carried away, but to step out of it, become aware of what you're going through and how you can rebalance yourselves. If we don't step outside the cycle, we keep on going round and round'

An ancient healing science, Ayurveda's philosophy is that to achieve true happiness, we have to be in balance, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Dr Prasanna explains a healthy body, mind and spirit comes from a regime of good diet, mental calm and stability, and meditation or 'getting in touch with ourselves'… and that's where most of us struggle.

'I want people to be aware of their own state of being, and allow them to take time out to rebalance themselves. Self-awareness is the key.'

There are various tools to help you get your balance back and the best starting point, says Dr Prasanna, is to discover your own constitution type or 'dosha'. According to Ayurveda, we all share similar elements with nature - fire and water (pitta), air  and space (vata)  and water and earth (kapha), and it's the different combination of these elements that make up who we all are. Ayush Wellness Spa's Ayurvedic treatments can all be tailored to your particular 'dosha' or constitution and as well as helping to reduce physical tension, can help ground you back into the present and boost your feeling of wellbeing.

If you're feeling those stress levels rise, Dr Prasanna recommends stepping out of your hectic routine and allowing your mind and body to rediscover a sense of calm with the aid of an Ayurvedic treatment. Three key treatments for natural stress relief are the Shirodhara scalp massage and oil pour, the two therapist Abhyanga oil massage and the Shiropada head and feet massage for top-to-toe relaxation.  If you need to completely unwind, why not combine the Shirodhara and Abhyanga treatments with Ayush Wellness Spa's Reflective Day spa package?  Relaxing has never felt so good.

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