Spring Clean: Detox Suggestions from Ayush Wellness Spa


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Spring into life and give your metabolism a boost with these selected rejuvenating  treatments from Ayush Wellness Spa.

Dr Prasanna, Ayush Wellness Spa's Ayurvedic expert explains: 'At this time of year, many people complain about feeling congested and lethargic. Although coughs and colds are a physical symptom of that congestion, there's also a mental level to it as well. If you feel as if you're losing interest in everything and want to get out of everything, you are experiencing mental congestion. It's time to get refreshed, and that's what Spring is all about. Nature has this wonderful natural period of revitalisation, and to be part of it, we need to break out of the winter cycle of overeating and inactivity, and allow ourselves to spring back to life and rejuvenate.'

Changing diet: Three easy ways to make a difference
  • Reduce food portion sizes. Now that winter is over, we can eat less, so start to slowly reduce how much you're eating.
  • Choose 'cleansing foods'. Adding more vegetables to your diet is better, particularly at this time of year as it helps to cleanse the body. If you're eating meat, try to go for lighter white meat, like chicken and turkey.
  • Add fresh herbs and roots to your cooking. Ginger is a particularly good addition to your diet at this time of year as it boosts immunity and helps to improve your metabolism.

Adding a new physical activity to your routine also helps to boost your energy levels for spring. Try something like yoga, which can be a great way to improve muscle tone and relieve stress.

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The yoga studio at Ayush Wellness Spa at the Hotel de France

A consultation at Ayush Wellness Spa is always advised to address your specific concerns, but there are a few Ayurvedic treatments which work particularly well to clear physical and mental congestion and will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised.'

Nasya Face & Head Massage, 55 mins
This is a combination of soothing pressure point face, head and chest massage with steam treatment. Medicated oils are used to make this therapy an instant relief for sinus problems and congestion.'Our senses are constantly bombarded on a daily basis by particles and toxins. Although our bodies have a wonderful filtrations system we can still suffer from congestion leading to ailments of the sinus and headaches. Nasya is a traditional treatment for relieving the discomfort associated with head and sinus problems.'

Udvartana Body Massage, 55 mins
This herbal body massage helps to break down toxins in the body and ease congestion. The treatment includes specially formulated Ayurvedic herbs that are powerful and exfoliating, easing digestion, breaking down fatty deposits and stimulating circulation. 'If you're feeling as if your metabolism is a bit sluggish, this invigorating massage improves muscle tone as well as giving you an energy boost to leave you feeling better inside and out.'

Ayush Body Envelopment, 1 hour 20 mins
This Ayurvedic herbal body treatment is derived from the traditional detoxification therapies. It includes a herbal body mask, exfoliation, dry brush, body massage with Ayurvedic oils and a soothing hot towel wrap. While you are enveloped a refreshing facial treatment is administered leaving both the face and body smooth and nourished. 'This is a healing and strengthening treatment that really gives the immune system a boost, as well as restoring nourishment to tired and dry winter skin.'

Ayush Hot Stone Therapy, 1 hour 20 mins
Feel the energy from the hot stones while enjoying a deeply relaxing massage. This treatment begins with a gentle body stretch and uses warmed Ayurvedic oils adding to the benefits of this soothing massage. This therapy originated with the Native American Indians and is well known to improve the circulation and assist the body's self healing system.

Contact: To find out more about any of these treatments, visit Ayush Wellness Spa or book a consultation with Dr Prasanna, tel: 01534 614171

Make a stay of it: The Hotel de France's Seasonal Spring Spa Package includes two specially selected Ayurvedic treatments at Ayush Wellness Spa to banish congestion and boost immunity. Stay for two nights at the Hotel de France and choose from either the Nasya Face & Head message or the Udvartana Body Massage, and follow it up with the Ayush Body Envelopment, and enjoy a Ayurvedic lunch in Café Aroma cooked using the freshest herbs and spices and tailored to your 'dosha' or Ayurvedic type. The Spring 'Natural Detox & Immunity Boost' costs from £305 and is available until the end of May.

Blockk 0226 597
The pool at the Hotel de France and Ayush Wellness Spa


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