Spa Treatment of the Week: Spa Sirène


Royal Yacht Spa Sirene Pool Square 597
The pool at Spa Sirène

Has the cold weather taken its toll on your skin? Treat yourself to a conditioning salt scrub treatment at Spa Sirène and give your skin a real spring clean.

Caroline Lilley, spa manager of Spa Sirène says: 'It's a tough time of year for dry skin. Cold weather and central heating can really take its toll on skin, leaving it in poor condition just when you want to start getting ready for summer.'

Salt Scrub Pic 597
Treat your skin to a toning and softening salt scrub

The answer? 'I always suggest a toning body scrub to smooth and soften skin ready for the summer. One of our most popular treatments at this time of year is the Smooth Operator treatment which uses a sea salt body scrub to leave skin soft and fresh. Rich in marine salts and trace elements, this treatment moisturises while it tones, so your skin ends up in perfect condition.' Radiant and renewed and ready for summer. Now all you need is for the sun to come out...

Royal Yacht Spa Couple
The double treatment room at Spa Sirène

Spa Sirène's Smooth Operator treatment costs from £40 for a 30-minute treatment, to find out more visit the website or call 01534 615425. To explore The Royal Yacht Hotel's Spa Sirène, visit our Spas and Relaxation section.


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