A Mojito mix with Michelin standards!


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Summer time brings with it the necessity to indulge in a firm favourite - the mojito. It tops the cocktail list at Bohemia's luxury late-night bar with Manhattans and martinis sidelined in favour of the ice-cold Cuban treat. 

They are not shy with the mint or the lime and they use the right amount of rum. That's what makes the difference.

Music to the ears of mojito lovers who know the crushing disappointment of a watery mojito with measly measures of rum and a few wilted mint leaves. 

And here's the perfect guide to making a mojito to Michelin standards.

Press a fresh lime for each mojito, so you get that fresh just-squeezed citrus edge to your cocktail.  Always use fresh ingredients as it makes a real difference to the aroma and the taste.'

Bohemia's guide to mixing the perfect mojito.

You'll need:
10-12 fresh mint leaves
50 ml Havana Club 3 year-old Rum
30 ml freshly squeezed lime juice
30 ml  sugar syrup
Splash of club soda
Crushed ice
4 wedges of lime
Put the mint, lime wedges, sugar syrup and lime juice into a tall glass and muddle together for 20-30 seconds. Fill up the glass with the crushed ice and then pour in the rum. Stir well and then top up with club soda. Add a lime wheel as decoration and a few more mint leaves, just for good measure.
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To try Bohemia's famous mojito for yourself, give Bohemia a call on 01534 876500 or visit their website to make a booking, www.theclubjersey.com

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