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Originally from Bristol, Will has worked in some of the UK's finest restaurants and earned his first Michelin star before his 30th birthday.

After joining The Atlantic Hotel in October 2017, Will Holland earned Four AA Rosettes for Ocean Restaurant putting it among the top 3% of restaurants in the UK rated by the AA.

Passionate about local produce, Will's menus are a celebration of the land and sea. 


What is your favourite dish that currently features on one of your menus and why?

One of my favourite dishes on our menu at the moment is the Brown Jersey crab risotto which is a starter on our A La Carte Menu. It’s served with picked claw meat and locally collected sea vegetables and finished with confit tomato and mascarpone. For me, it’s Jersey on a plate! We use super fresh, super local ingredients meaning it not only tastes amazing but the food miles are minimal. The whole crab is used in the process, the brown and white meat as well as the shells which we use to make the stock. The sea vegetables are foraged from St Ouen’s Bay, right on our doorstep so it really is a unique, local dish and a favourite with our guests.

What local ingredient should everyone try at least once and what's your favourite way to enjoy it?

I’m really passionate about Jersey honey. We get ours from just down the road in St Ouen. Most honeys just taste sweet and it’s not a particularly exciting flavour but the Jersey honey really tastes of honey, it’s amazing. We use it to make a honey ice-cream and a honey gel for some of our desserts. Even if you don’t like honey you should definitely give it a try.

What is your favourite food memory?

One of my earliest and favourite food memories is from family holidays to France and the most delicious ice-cream and huge choice of flavours. My parents told us we could have an ice-cream whenever we wanted if we asked for it in French. We quickly learned how to order it and learned the names of all the flavours and different fruits to make sure we never missed an ice-cream opportunity!

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