Longueville Manor announces installation of the Garbage Guzzler


Five-star luxury hotel Longueville Manor has announced the installation of the ‘Garbage Guzzler’, a piece of cutting-edge technology that will deal with all of the hotel’s food waste converting it into prime compost.

The second of its kind on the island and the first to be used in a hotel or restaurant, the aerobic food waste digester is capable of digesting up to 2,000 litres of food waste a week, reducing it in volume by up to 70% in just 24 hours. With Longueville Manor creating an estimated amount of 1,000 litres of food waste a week, the carbon-rich compost can now be used on its 18-acre estate including the kitchen garden.

The delivery of the Garbage Guzzler has come at an exciting time for the Relais & Châteaux member, who already have the established programme “New Leaf” which is dedicated to protecting the delicate resources and environment that surrounds the hotel and is committed to activities which develop sustainable practices in five key areas: the environment, education, recycling, water saving and energy saving.

Longueville Manor works closely with suppliers, the local community as a whole and numerous business partners to ensure that quantum steps are being made towards achieving a more sustainable future.


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