Jersey Goes Wild for Gorillas


Luxury Jersey Hotels members The Royal Yacht and Atlantic Hotel, as well as partners de Gruchy and Jersey Post have pledged their support for Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust’s Go Wild Gorillas project by adopting a silverback gorilla sculpture.

The Go Wild Gorilla trail is comprised of 40 life-size and individually-designed silverback gorilla statues placed in locations across the island. The Trail celebrates Durrell’s 60th anniversary with fundraising supporting the redevelopment and extension of the indoor gorilla habitat at Jersey Zoo. Explore the island until 14 October 2019 to discover these spectacular sculptures in person.


That Elusive Dodo sponsored by The Royal Yacht

That Elusive Dodo - TRY

That Elusive Dodo is based on Gerald Durrell’s interest in the dodo and its subsequent image being used to highlight animal extinction. Many people still believe the dodo to be alive and in captivity, prompting constant searches despite it having been extinct for over 400 years.

Artist: Oliver Winconek
Location: Havre des Pas

Photo credit: Paul Marshall


Relic sponsored by Atlantic Hotel

Relic Gorilla - TAH

Relic is based on the idea of a Gorilla being frozen in the hope that he will save his species and inspire the human race to change, saving the planet from environmental disaster. Visitors to Relic can use the app to unlock a special offer of a free dessert when lunching at Atlantic Hotel and Ocean Restaurant during the period that the trail is live.

Artist: Will Bertram
Location: Plemont


True Colours sponsored by Jersey Post

True Colours - JP

To celebrate his appreciation for gorillas and the beauty of this magnificent animal, Stuart has created a super-colourful, rainbow gorilla that catches your eye and draws you in. Rainbows are rare and magical, and to Stuart gorillas are the same – natural magic that needs to be respected, loved and supported.

Artist: Stuart Semple
Location: Coronation Park


Jersey Boy sponsored by de Gruchy

Jersey Boy - de G

Jersey Boy celebrates the island’s history of wool production with a gorilla keeping warm and looking fabulous! Oozing style, this dapper chap is a contemporary celebration of the island’s textile history. Even lending its name to, you guessed it, Jersey, which was first produced here in medieval times. Jersey Boy is a bold and illustrated way to celebrate a medium the island is famous for, and even features knitted leg warmers.

Artist: Sian Ellis
Location: Gorey


Click to view the Go Wild Gorilla Trail


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