Jèrriais tasting menu at Tassili showcases the best of Jersey's local ingredients


An intimate space located within the AA Five Star Grand Jersey Hotel & SpaTassili has built a reputation over the years for its inventive, high quality cuisine, and creative use of exceptional locally-sourced ingredients. Many of these ingredients, including crab, Jersey Royal potatoes, lobster and foraged seaweed feature on the restaurant’s Jèrriais tasting menu which is very much inspired by the island of Jersey.

We've had the chance to speak to Nicolas Valmagna, Executive Chef at Tassili to find out about more about his unique tasting menu.

Tell us about your favourite dish on the Jèrriais menu.

NV: Crab, passion fruit gel, combava lime, bisque dressing, and coconut foam because it showcases the quality of produce available here in Jersey and the hard work suppliers put into sourcing the best ingredients. This dish ties in elements from the land and sea with a focus on crab, but with an added twist of flavour.

Tassili - crab 2018

In your opinion, what is the most versatile local ingredient and how do you use it in different ways across Tassili’s tasting menus?

NV: Jersey Royals are so versatile.  We use them as a foam, ice cream, velouté and even as a smoked potato crisp, and even mix them with different flavours especially locally foraged seaweed.

What inspired the creation of the Jèrriais menu and how did you choose the dishes on the menu?

NV: The diversity of local produce and the high quality of these ingredients inspired this menu. There is a lot of demand for local ingredients to be featured on restaurant menus, both from people living locally and visitors. Our guests really appreciate the quality and the provenance of their meals and enjoy the flavours we can create from locally sourced ingredients. For us, it is no surprise that the Jèrriais tasting menu is Tassili’s most popular menu.


The Jèrriais tasting menu offers 7 courses at £75 per person.

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Nicolas Valmagna's Black Butter Ice Cream

Servings: 30


1 litre milk
9 egg yolks
200g sugar
1 vanilla pod
100g black butter



1.  Whip the egg yolk and sugar together until it becomes white and fluffy. In French, this is called ‘blancher.’

2.   Boil milk and the vanilla pod

3.   Add the boiled milk and vanilla mix to the egg mix in two batches, whisking in between

4.   Bring to 82 degrees

5.   Add the black butter

6.   Transfer the mix to an ice cream machine until it is thick and appears like ice cream – approximately 5 minutes.


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