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Nothing says celebration like the pop of a champagne cork. Make your bubbly extra special by turning it into a champagne cocktail - simple to prepare, yet so sophisticated. Here's how to make the classic cocktail, Bohemia-style with tips from Bohemia's manager and mixology maestro, Dimitri Marqueteau.

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Classic Champagne Cocktail

You'll need
1 white
sugar cube
3-4 dashes bitters
20ml/¾fl oz
Chilled champagne

How to: Place the sugar cube in the bottom of a champagne flute and add a few drops of bitters. When the bitters have soaked into the sugar cube, pour in the cognac. Top up the glass with chilled champagne and serve. Add a cocktail cherry if you wish. 

About: This decadent drink is perfect for Christmas or New Year's Eve cocktail parties. Simple and straightforward to make, there are no complicated recipes to follow or noisy cocktail shakers to drown out your playlist. It's also a great way of disguising lesser quality brands of champagne. If you're expecting a crowd then order in extra glasses - trust us, no-one wants to be washing up champagne flutes mid-party.

Try with: canapés, delicatessen-style platters of cured meats and smoked salmon. Surprisingly enough, champagne can also be a good match with tempura recipes - although onion rings might be taking it a little too far… 

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