A new set of postcards show another side of Jersey


Postcard photographers low Grand April 14

The winners of Picture Jersey 2014

These six stunning photographs capture Jersey as it is seen by islanders, and they have been turned into high-quality postcards for our guests to use and treasure. 

Following the success of last year's Picture Jersey initiative, the new set of six postcards has been produced in association with the Jersey Evening Post and Jersey Post.

More than 800 photographs were entered into the Picture Jersey photography competition. Five of the winning six were decided by a panel of three judges; the sixth image was chosen by JEP readers, who voted for their Readers' Choice from a shortlist.

Wonderful images

One of the judges, Patrick Burke, who is also owner of The Atlantic Hotel and Chairman of Luxury Jersey Hotels, said: 'We have created a wonderful set of postcards that will give pleasure not only to our guests but also to their friends and family when they receive them and hopefully in turn encourage them to visit the island in the future.

'One of the delights of staying in a hotel is being able to enjoy simple pleasures such as writing to loved ones. The postcards that we produced last year have been very successful among our guests, and I am delighted that we have been able to produce another set of such high quality.'

The postcards are also on sale in Jersey with all proceeds going to Macmillan.

The two other judges were Peter Mourant, Picture Editor of the Jersey Evening Post and Kevin Keen, Chief Executive of Jersey Post. Their help and support has been invaluable.

St Ouen's scenery

Hundreds of photographers entered our competition, and many tried to capture the stunning scenery along St Ouen's Bay, and particularly the White House that stands overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

The area has captured many people's imagination, but few are able to capture its views as well as these photographers.

The winners

Grant Mackenzie - 'Sunset at The White House'
Grant Mackenzie with his photo
"I happened to be in the area and had my camera kit when I saw this shot. I know everyone has photographed The White House at St Ouen but I hadn't, and this was the one of the first that I took; I just liked the background colours of the sunset. I started shooting about two years ago and this was the first competition that I entered." 

Mary Horton - 'Sunset at Le Hocq'
Mary Horton with her photo
"This was taken in October and it's my favourite spot. I just love the colours of the granite, and I have a lot of patience and so I sat there and waited for the sun to set so that I could get the colours at their best. I'm not a technical photographer; this was taken on my iPad."

Douglas March - 'Lazy days at St Ouen's Bay'
Postcards Doug Grand
"We went for an afternoon walk in St Ouen, and I saw this outside The White House - the bunting, the chairs and the guitar. I did not move a thing, I just took the shot. I have been taking photos for about six years now, and have entered three competitions and won two of them. If my wife doesn't like the photo it seems to win!" 

Eileen Goldsborough - 'Tide marks'
Postcards Eileen Grand
"This was taken early afternoon one September day as we were walking in St Ouen. The colours were the first thing to attract me, and I liked the way the net was draped on the steps. I love taking photos and always have my camera with me." 

David Evans - 'Kitesurfers'
Postcards David Grand
"We were walking back from breakfast at a café in St Ouen's Bay last December, and it was the first bright sunny day for a while so everyone was out. It was windy and the kitesurfers were all in the right spot for the picture. The camera is actually about an inch off the floor - as low as I could get it without it getting wet."

Sue Baudains - 'Sunset at La Rocco'  Sue Baudains with her photo
"I thought it was an amazing sunset over St Ouen and when I saw the sand looking like brush strokes on a painting, I thought it was a perfect picture. I belong to Jersey Photographic Club and get out to take photos whenever I can. I used a wide-angle lens for this shot." 

Thank you to everyone involved

Postcard JEP photographer

Jersey Evening Post photographer Tony Pike took over Grand Jersey's foyer and got the winning photographers into position for his shot, which you can see at the top of this post.

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