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Six steps to the perfect Martini


With the joyful season fast approaching we are going to feature some top tips for making sure your party goes with a swing starting with the perfect MartiniVesper -martini

Step 1: Use ice-cold vodka and have plenty of ice on hand. This drink needs to be cold, ice-cold…

Step 2: Put a few cubes of ice in a martini glass and cover them with a splash of either water or vermouth (to leave a faint taste of vermouth in the glass).

Step 3: Put three or four ice cubes for each martini you're making into your cocktail shaker (use a metal one). Add 3 ounces of vodka for each martini. Put the top on and start shaking for about 30 seconds.

Step 4: Put your shaker down, and prepare the lemon peel. Use an organic lemon as you want the natural oils from the peel (not the wax) to permeate the drink.

Step 5: Shake the cocktail again for around 30 seconds. Let it sit long enough to let the ice slightly dissolve.

Step 6: Pour the ice out of your cocktail glass and put the lemon peel in. Strain the martini into the cocktail glass and serve immediately.

Where to drink it

Club Glass Low 1100 X 700

And if you prefer it to be mixed for you, then visit one of Jersey's chic cocktail bars. We recommend:


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