A weekend with friends who would never admit to being over 40

Sometimes you need to get away with friends who you've known for longer than you care to remember. 

Come to Jersey for a weekend which combines fantastic food, activities which show you're still young, but most importantly to have a good time together.

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Afternoon - Check in

One of the great things about Jersey is that it's easily accessible from so many airports: if you're expecting guys from Aberdeen and Bristol, Liverpool and London, they will all be able to get to the island on flights from nearby airports. 

Flights from London take less than an hour, and from Southampton even less. 

As each person arrives, they can check in to Grand Jersey and then check out the views across St Aubin's Bay from the Grand Terrace which, by 5pm, will be buzzing with islanders and holidaymakers, all looking forward to the weekend.

Evening - 'We'll have a quiet first night'

It's a big weekend, so let's just have a quiet first night and everyone can catch up.

It never happens.

Book the Royal Yacht Cellar and enjoy fine wine in your own private tasting room. It's a chance to enjoy fabulous vintages, excellent food (the Chateaubriand is fantastic), all while you're all together and able to talk.

Then downstairs to enjoy music and a cocktail or two. But don't go mad - big day tomorrow.

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Morning - Shooting

A superb breakfast at Grand Jersey has helped a little, but you still feel as though you may have gone a bit mad last night.

Still, now it's time for fun!

The shooting range is spectacular. At the top of a cliff, the views are across the English Channel towards France as you aim for clay pigeons.

Full list of shooting clubs on Government website

Lunch - The Hungry Men

The Hungry Man is a Jersey institution. 

Having built up an appetite it's the perfect place to prepare for the afternoon.

Burgers all round as you enjoy the beauty of Rozel, the tiny harbour where the Hungry Man sits. You can't book - just turn up.

Afternoon - Blokarting

It's not as easy as it looks. Get out on to the flat sands of St Ouen's Bay and a bit of healthy competition.

With its fresh winds and flat, firm sand, the five miles of beach are perfect.

Blokarting providers


Dinner - Ormer

This will be one of the highlights of the trip. A short stroll through to the town to the restaurant.

A Michelin-starred dinner - an exquisite experience, and one to linger over. Great company and fantastic food.

Ormer Restaurant

Post-prandial drinks - The Blind Pig Speakeasy

It's not that easy to find - it looks as though you're going into the outside area behind a block of flats. The doorman welcomes you and down the steps you go, into an ornately designed room. Very small, very intimate, with some of the finest drinks available. You'll have to ask for directions. Alternatively, there are many other great bars to choose from.

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Morning - A RIB to the Ecrehous

Jersey has amazing wildlife, particularly in the waters around its magificent coastline. A RIB takes you all out to Les Ecrehous, a small group of rocks which are almost hidden at high tide.

It's a chance to get away from everything.

Jersey Seafaris  

Lunchtime - Mark Jordan At The Beach

A morning exploring the wilder side of Jersey can build up an appetite. 

Mark Jordan At The Beach is the only Channel Islands restaurant to have been awarded a Bib Gourmand by Michelin. It's for the quality and value of the food.

The house speciality is a burger. A really really good burger.

Take a while to enjoy the food and the company, and the views across St Aubin's Bay.

Afternoon - Golf

There is a choice on Sunday afternoon: a walk across Jersey's fabulous north coast, or a walk around Jersey's fabulous west coast with golf clubs.

Golf clubs in Jersey

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Morning - Breakfast

Another morning and another fantastic breakfast at Grand Jersey. 

Then it's time to depart from a wonderful and action-packed weekend.

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