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Buying property in Jersey

Whether you are planning to move to Jersey, or would like to invest in property, there are five ways in which you can:

You can move to Jersey:

  • as a wealthy immigrant
  • as an essential employee (doctor, dentist, finance industry executive etc)
  • by buying a house or apartment which is outside of local restrictions
  • by buying an investment property without local government restrictions (company purchase)
  • by buying a hospitality-related business such as hotel, with owner’s house or apartment included

Why move to Jersey?

If you are looking for somewhere with a superb quality of life in a low tax area, then think about Jersey.

With its magnificent coast and countryside, high-quality schooling, and excellent air and sea connections to the UK and Europe, the island is a perfect base, and is open for business.

Want to learn more about moving to Jersey and browse the finest properties? Visit Fine & Country Jersey

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