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VAT-free and still get money back

There is no VAT in Jersey and - as well as being VAT-free - you might be able to claim back the island's 5% Goods and Services Tax (GST) when you leave.

The GST Visitor Refund Scheme enables you to claim back the tax if your purchases total more than £300 at participating retailers.

To take advantage of the scheme you must:

  • ensure your purchases are more than £300
  • that you are leaving the island by scheduled flights
  • buy from a participating retailer (your hotel can advise)

You'll need to fill out a refund form at the time of purchase, and then take your goods, receipt and refund form to G4S at Jersey Airport, where the refund form will be stamped with a proof of export.

Once you're home, post the form back to the retailer in the stamped addressed envelope, and they'll send you back your refund, less a small handling fee.


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