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Classic Herd

When you dine at one of our restaurants, the chances are you will be enjoying meat and dairy products that have come from a farm in St Peter, in the heart of Jersey.

Classic Herd is the only independent dairy in Jersey and their herd of 60 milking Jerseys produce a fine variety of milk, creams, yoghurt, cheeses and ice-creams.

Because the milk is pasteurised, it is safe but, unlike a lot of modern producers, Classic Herd's milk is not homogenised - a pressure treatment which breaks up visible fat to give the milk a uniform appearance. It means that there is sometimes visible fat in Classic Herd's milk, but it's believed to be a more healthy product.

Classic Herd beef and pork

The farm has its own butchers who prepare the beef and pork from the livestock. 

The beef herd is an Aberdeen Angus cross – the Aberdeen adds body and taste and produces very impressive beef, and in 2013 they added Belgian Blue Cross beef herd to the farm. 

The pork is from Classic Herd's 30 breeding sows, naturally farmed and GM free.

You can visit Classic Farm and find out more. If you are having a barbecue, you can buy the finest burgers etc from the Classic Farm Shop, on the farm.

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Genuine Jersey

Classic Herd is part of Genuine Jersey, a Luxury Jersey Hotels partner.

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