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Chef interview - Steve Walker

The head chef at Sirocco, The Royal Yacht Hotel

Best time of the day?
Waking up. I love the start of the day, you never know what's going to happen!

What's the phrase you are most likely to be heard saying?
'Did you know…' It normally turns into a long food-related anecdote.

Favourite flavour?

Favourite item of local produce?
Either local bass or Jersey crab. They're both outstanding and - supply permitting - they're never off the menu.

What's your favourite thing about Jersey?
In the winter it's the colours. Corbiere lighthouse on a blustery day - the contrast of sea and sky is just stunning.

What's the cooking method you enjoy most?
Pan-frying and sautéing. As a chef I like to see everything I'm cooking. A classic example of that is our steak flambé, it's really popular, and you watch it cooked in front of you.

How do you unwind?
Going to the gym, spending time with my girlfriend - and food.

Your ultimate food and wine pairing?
A Montepulciano d'Abruzzo and a steak Rossini.

Favourite food memory?
My mum's chilli pasta pie. Mmm.

Your favourite location on the island?
My kitchen at the Royal Yacht. I spend 12 hours here every day, and I still love it!

Where do you go to eat when you're off duty?
Bento Sushi and the Oyster Box on St Brelade's Bay.

Your 'end of the shift' snack?
Thickly-sliced bread, ham and hummus. And a beer! 

Restaurant Sirocco in finest dining section

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