Iconic Wine Cellar at Longueville Manor

With wine tasting now at the heart of a memorable dining experience at the manor, the state-of-the-art Wine Cellar offers an impressive collection of over 4,000 bottles, including some of the world’s most remarkable and rare wines.

Designed by the experts who have previously worked for The Ritz and The Dorchester in London, the first of its kind for any Jersey hotel or restaurant, the cellar has become a destination in itself and is now rated as one of the best in Britain.

The Cellar offers the perfect space for bespoke events, tastings and tutorials, with complementary tours taking place every Tuesday evening and tastings every Thursday evening. Alternatively, guests can discover a selection of specially designed packages created by Managing Director and Master Sommelier Pedro Bento.

Tel: 01534 725501

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  • Address:

  • Longueville Road
    St Saviour
    Jersey JE2 7WF

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