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Nine by five miles and criss-crossed with cycle routes and cliff paths, Jersey's an island to explore. Author and local expert Arthur Lamy is one of the island's blue badge guides who take visitors off the beaten track to discover a hidden side of Jersey.


What makes Jersey special?

I could go on and on! Jersey's got a unique history - we're so close to France yet owe our allegiance to the British monarch, we've got such a variety of terrain from cliff paths to countryside, and of course all our wonderful restaurants and cafés! Because the island's so compact, you can fit so much into your stay, and when you tire of the scenery, the history and the food, then the island culture is fascinating to discover.

If you're only here for a weekend, what should be on your must-do list?

Don't miss eating seafood by the sea, and try to explore the island a little on foot or on a bicycle because that's the way to get a real feel of a place.

As a blue badge guide, what do you add to people's experience of Jersey?

Hopefully, my blue badge guide colleagues and I give people an insight into their destination in a way that's understandable and engaging. It all adds to their Jersey experience and we hope it makes their holiday more complete.

What's your favourite Jersey spot?

I have so many. One beautiful view is from the top of Tête de Fremont overlooking Bonne Nuit Bay. You can see out to the French coast, Guernsey and Sark, the Ecréhous, Cheval Rock and La Crête fort. And for a glimpse of real Jersey history, walking into the National Trust-owned Morel Farm is incredible. It's like stepping back a hundred years in time.

What would you like people to take away from Jersey?

The idea that Jersey is a fascinating place on many different fronts, from its scenery to the stories of the what makes Jersey special - why our road signs are in French but we speak English, why the island has a cosmopolitan feel, but our way of life is so relaxed.  Above all, I'd like people to feel it's a place they'd like to go back to. There's always more to discover.

Jersey Autumn Walking Week runs from 15th - 22nd September with a schedule of guided walks and explorations, headed up by Jersey experts like Arthur Lamy. To find out more about Autumn Walking Week click here.


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