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Hettich Tudor 2
The new Tudor watch range - part of Jersey's shopping experience

Anyone visiting Jersey should experience the fine dining and natural beauty, but they shouldn't forget the shopping experience too.

Look out for VAT-free prices on many top brands and you could afford to make your Jersey stay even more memorable. The historic Hettich boutique on St Helier's main shopping street is the place to find many of the leading watch and jewellery brands with VAT-free price tags - as well as offering a visitor refund scheme for the island's 5% goods and services tax. 

Hettich instore
Hettich - a part of Jersey's heritage and high street

This September, Hettich will become one of the first locations in the UK to welcome the return of Tudor watches, following its reintroduction to the US last year.

Tudor watches began in 1946 as a more affordable alternative to their parent brand Rolex, paying homage to the spirit of the iconic watch collections by reinventing them into an accessible range of modern classics. The results: versatile and wearable vintage-inspired models on steel bracelets with a choice of pre-aged leather or fabric straps, building on their style with subtle design touches that put them at the top of many a watch collector's wish list. 

Hettich Tudor 3
The Tudor close up

Hettich is one of a select few boutiques in the UK where you can see, touch and try on a brand new Tudor watch for yourself, and be among the first to purchase these cult classics at VAT-free prices. You can visit Hettich online here, or at 1 King Street, St Helier, and can telephone 01534 734491.

You can view the Tudor watch range here and register your interest by emailing info@hettich.co.uk

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